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  • Anuj Gupta-Introduction

    7th Nov 2019 by

    Hi, my name is Anuj Gupta. I am an entrepreneur, mentor and advisor I am a finance professional with over 10 years of experience and I have worked with financial services giants like Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and I have also had the opportunity to work with start ups with a niche in investment… Read more


    30th Jan 2020 by

    A DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE FARQ FOUNDATION is a registered trust mainly to promote charitable and educational activities for the relief of poor and the education of the needy and to afford medical relief to the poor without distinction of caste, creed, religion and race within the Union of India. We believe that a… Read more

  • 2020- It’s You v/s You

    8th Jan 2020 by

    Welcome to 2020. But are you certain it is filled with opportunities? Who said there is a guaranteed possibility to succeed? We live in a world where one has to participate in the heats of survival before running the final race to success. In this rat race, there are a few dreamers, aspirers who have… Read more

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