Mutual Funds or Direct Stocks, Kya Sahi Hai ?

Greetings from TAG Investments !! Nowadays there is a discussion between whether Mutual Funds sahi hai or Direct Stocks sahi hai. And why it became a topic of discussion, because during the lockdown markets performed really well. Look at this graph, in the month of March the Corona cases were much less and the fearContinue reading “Mutual Funds or Direct Stocks, Kya Sahi Hai ?”

2020- It’s You v/s You

Welcome to 2020. But are you certain it is filled with opportunities? Who said there is a guaranteed possibility to succeed? We live in a world where one has to participate in the heats of survival before running the final race to success. In this rat race, there are a few dreamers, aspirers who haveContinue reading “2020- It’s You v/s You”

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